Our times are marked by fast technological progress and fierce competition. For merchants, this means that their businesses need to be flexible and offer an excellent customer experience without breaking the bank with the operation costs. Elly POS was created to make all this possible. Here is what makes Elly POS a merchant revolution!

1. Less hardware

Leasing or buying a piece of hardware, traditionally known for hefty prices, can be a considerable business risk these days. Furthermore, accepting different payment methods has traditionally meant having to get not one, but a few payment hardware items. Elly POS changes this…

In recent years, there have been many improvements in cryptocurrency use cases, and accepting crypto payments became a great solution for many merchants due to its convenience, low transaction fees, and current trends.

It’s been over a decade since Laszlo Hanyecz created the first crypto transaction for physical goods by buying two pizzas for 10,000 bitcoin, and since then, cryptocurrencies have been used to buy a lot more than pizza.

Nowadays, the options seem endless since GoCrypto allows you to spend cryptocurrencies at GoCrypto locations on pretty much anything your heart desires. All from the latest technology, gadgets, clothes, groceries…

The interest in Eligma and its products is soaring globally. Our primary focus this quarter has been to push for the development of Elly POS, a revolutionary innovation that combines cards, crypto and other digital payments on one device, and enables merchants to generate extra revenue by using the integrated services. Merchant Dashboard, which is an essential part of the Elly POS user experience for the merchant, underwent further development to become a holistic tool for tracking real-time payment data.

Elly POS is now in the final testing phase, getting ready to enter its first market: Romania. Numerous products like…

Would you like to accept cards but can not because the POS hardware is too expensive? Are its purchases and lease contracts something that you would like to avoid? Does your business require a lot of physical mobility that makes any heavy equipment impossible to use? SMEs — self-employed entrepreneurs, delivery services, taxis, catering, we keep you in mind! The development of software POS’s is one of the biggest technological revolutions in the recent years. It aims to solve the challenging issue of the hardware POS distribution process as a whole, including the delivery, maintenance and support.

Do you want…

Imagine a tool with which you manage all your finances. Control crypto and fiat aspects of your business, pay your employees and suppliers, and use crypto, payment cards and IBAN in a closed-loop financial solution. All on one platform! Welcome to our Merchant Dashboard vision.

Keep an eye out for your friends, and an even closer one on your business. A free Merchant Dashboard gives you a complete overview of all your business processes to make smarter decisions. The many practicalities now include the possibility to monitor all payments, filter transactions, check their general statistics, and easily access billings and…

Big news! Tomorrow, 4 February 2021 at 10 AM CET, our GoC token will start trading on CoinFLEX!

Launched in early 2019, CoinFLEX (Coin Futures and Lending Exchange) is also known as the world’s first physically delivered cryptocurrency futures exchange, developed to provide avenues for investors to hedge cryptocurrency exposure with minimal index or price settlement risk. CoinFLEX has arguably the lowest trading fees on the market, even without the range of its unique incentives to make it even lower. A very interesting feature are also their Flex assets, which have created ample buzz in the crypto community for a unique reason: they pay interest while you hold them in your wallet! CoinFLEX is the platform behind flexUSD…

The traditional POS use is ripe for a revolution. POS devices are expensive, quickly become outdated, and take a big portion of the merchant’s revenue. That is why we have developed elly POS, a revolutionary innovation that combines cards, crypto and other digital payments on one device, and enables merchants to generate extra revenue by using the integrated services.

One terminal, many payment methods, multiple revenue streams.

For the first time, the POS will transform from an obligatory piece of merchant equipment to a device enabling the merchant to enhance their services and revenue. Expand your business, not just the number of tools: meet elly POS.

  • Android-based smart…

Receive crypto back from a share of the commission fees collected on any type of payment — crypto, card or mobile wallet

A word from the CEO

Dear GoCrypto community,

Creating sustainable, transparent and legally compliant tokenomics is a privilege in the crypto world. As a company, we have strived to create tokenomics since the beginning. Along the way, however, we also found out that, without continuous income and business models on the company’s side, no tangible tokenomics can really exist.

We are a company in traditional business, which might sound simple, but it is not. We are not a…

Ce Faci România?

GoCrypto is joined by one of the most popular software solution providers for retail in Romania, Magister. This cashier payment service provider now enables merchants to accept crypto payments through the SmartCash RMS software platform, already used by over 40,000 users and at over 8,000 locations nationwide.

Cryptocurrencies directly at the cash register

The addition of GoCrypto to this point-of-sale allowed users in Romania to pay with cryptocurrency at the cash register practically overnight! The transactions are enabled for the following cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Ethereum (ETH), GoCrypto (GOC), Tezos (TEZ), Litecoin (LTC), and Viberate (VIB).

The news generated quite a press buzz in…

Eligma catapults the business of its clients into the future — which is digital. Working with technologies of tomorrow is one of the most exciting business areas, but also brings a great deal of responsibility. For this reason, we have strived for regulatory compliance from the outset.

We reject the notion of cryptocurrencies as a mere speculative means, and wish to offer our partners and clients this technology for its speed and efficiency. This also requires us to offer them the same kind of regulatory security as they can expect in any other industry. And how are we doing that?

1. Eligma holding an e-money license


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